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Welcome! We created this blog about part-time family travel to help you plan fun-filled weekends in the UK and fantastic trips abroad. Our mission? To make sure you and your kids get to see as much of the World as possible.

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Below you will find an overview and a rough summary of each section of this travel blog. You can navigate to each section of the blog by clicking on the icon or head straight to one of the most popular posts in that particular category.

Don’t know where to go? Need some inspiration for your next family trip? There are SO many amazing destinations around the world that it can sometimes be hard to pick where to travel to next.

We often find inspiration by stumbling upon a beautiful image of a distant place or an exciting article. This sparks our wanderlust and we almost always add the destination or activity to our travel bucket list.

We, therefore, wanted to make sure that you can explore our travel blog in a similar fashion. That is why we created a page, that simply lists all of our posts in chronological order.

If you are regular reader, then this is also the best way to keep up to date with our most recent adventures.

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Travelling whilst holding down a full-time job is all about maximising your weekends. That is why a whole section of this blog is dedicated to weekend breaks in the UK.

In our mind, travel starts by exploring your own backyard. So we make a point of getting out of our house every weekend.  Sometimes that means exploring our home county Yorkshire. Other times we hop into our car, drive a couple of hours and discover a new place in the UK. Whether that be a town, a beach or an area of outstanding beauty

Our aim is to unearth and introduce you to this country’s best-kept secrets. So in this section of the blog, you will find itineraries, city guides, and reviews for a vast range of destinations in Great Britain. Join us and scratch that travel itch by making the most of each weekend in the UK.

In this section of the blog, you can browse through a wide variety of destinations. After years of international travel, we have learned a thing or two, so we have compiled comprehensive travel guides for all the countries that we have already ticked off our bucket list.

Each country we have visited is illustrated in stunning photography and intriguing stories about the local customs. We have also included plenty of practical tips specific to each destination.

The intention is to help you plan your own adventure as a family. Whether you are planning a two-week-long vacation on the other side of the planet or a long weekend break in Europe, we have the tools to help you make the most of your trip.

Once you’ve picked your destination or destinations, it’s time to nail down the details and make your itinerary and final plans.

You don’t even need to start from scratch planning your next family holiday unless you want to, because we have already done the work for you.

We love to share our highly detailed itineraries with you. All our itineraries are packed with information and carefully planned out. We know that they work, because they are always road tested by us and based on our own experience.

So you can simply grab one of our itineraries, and follow it to the letter. No planning required!

A Life Beautifully Travelled A british blog for part time travel start planning your trip family travel 1

The idea of family travel, especially international family trips, can be quite terrifying for many of us with kids, especially young kids. There really is no need to be scared though.  Family travel can be even more exciting and rewarding than travel without kids. 

In this section of the site you will find lots of articles about our personal experience travelling with children. We hope they will help you feel more comfortable about taking the plunge to travel with your kids. Conversely, if you are already family travel gurus, then we hope to help you learn something new or see something from a different perspective.

Travel resources

We love the entire process of planning a trip – from figuring out where to go next, to finding the cheapest deals, creating an itinerary, and packing just the right amount of stuff. But we realise that this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people find travel planning extremely stressful and overwhelming.

We have found that having access to the right tools can really help make the process easier. We have a set amount of resources that we love to use for any trip that we plan, whether it’s a short weekend break or a two week long holiday abroad. And in this section of the blog we share those tools with you.

You will find advice about creating your own travel itineraries and the best gadgets to make the most of your next family holiday. You can also read reviews of absolutely everything, from airlines, to hotels, restaurants and bars, activities, travel gadgets, and gear.

Not to tout our own horn,  but we do have vast experience in travelling, having done so for over 20 years. Along the way, we have made a lot of mistakes, lost a lot of money, and not always gone about things the right way.  The good news is that we have made these mistakes so that you don’t have to. You might call us your travel crash test dummies.

We have learned quite a few tricks and tips, and we want to share those with you. In this section of the blog, we have therefore compiled a comprehensive list of our most helpful travel tips and hacks for pretty much every scenario or situation you could come across while traveling.

Is it your first trip out of the country? Or are you hoping to travel on a budget? Our articles will help you plan the best trip possible. We might not have all the answers, but I certainly have a few.