A British Countryside Walk along the Canals of Welford

I’m Back! And I apologise for my lengthy absence and radio silence. Although, truth be told, I don’t feel all too sorry. I had the time of my life in Japan and it was a very well deserved break. One that I needed, to regain some strength and energy. I filmed everyday and you will soon be watching daily Japan Vlogs and reading articles about my incredible holiday. I have been meaning to get the Youtube Channel for A Life Beautifully travelled up and running for a while now. I even vlogged every single trip we took this summer. The videos are piling up and I haven’t had a chance to compile and upload them.  But the day is finally here, my very first travel Vlog has been uploaded to the Beautifully Travelled Channel and I can’t wait to read your comments.


Gary and I took a stroll through the countryside back in June and I took the plunge and filmed the whole thing. Our first destination was Market Harborough, a small town in Leicestershire, about 2 hours drive from East London. Market Harborough is particularly famous for it’s iconic Old Grammar School, a timber building that dates back to 1614 and was recently restored to commemorate it’s 400th birthday. It has even become the symbol of the town. The School is located on the First Floor and propped up on columns over the Ground Floor Market Area. It is a picturesque building and well worth visiting, but I was a little disappointed by it’s size, having imagined something much more grand in scale. Next to the Old Grammar School sits the St Dionysus Parish Church, a magnificent Church with a very towering steeple. Whilst in Market Harborough you might consider visiting the Harborough Museum and the Symington Building, an old Victorian Corset Factory. We had Lunch at Wildwood before continuing on our journey.


We have driven through the Warwickshire Countryside particularly frequently. It is sprinkled with gorgeous little villages and tiny cottages. One of our favourite destinations in Warwickshire is the town of Rugby (where the Rugby game was invented). On our way to Rugby we have driven through Welford numerous times. This time we stopped. Welford is a tiny village, located on the River Avon and on the border between Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. It is beautiful, especially on a sunny day, with it’s tiny brick cottages. We were particularly attracted by the Jurassic Way Long Distance Footpath and the Grand Union Canal. After heading through the village, we followed the Jurassic way and then meandered through several fields until we hit the canals.


The Grand Union Canal is an English canal system that connects London to Birmingham, has a grand total of  166 locks and spans 220 Kilometres. The Welford Arm is probably one of the most picturesque arms of the Grand Union Canal, although it is also one of the shortest. The Welford Arm has it’s own lock, which raises 400m of the canal 2m above the rest, making it the highest point of the Grand Union Canal. The canal terminates in a beautiful marina with a working boatyard, a couple of drydocks and a fancy pub, where our journey began and ended. 

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  1. A walk in the British countryside: now, that is something I truly enjoyed when I lived in England. I used to take the footpath from Wivenhoe to University, going along the river, and it was just so pretty!


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