Whether you’re interested in promoting your brand to our audience or you’d like to hire us for our expertise, you’ve come to the right place! We would love to work with you!

A Life Beautifully Travelled is a British Travel Blog for young families, as well as fun, practical and outgoing professionals. This blog is a trusted resource for travel tips and destination guides. We offer our readers the best advice on itinerary planning and packing for short as well as long-term travel around the UK or the world. We also tend to throw our personal tales of adventure into the mix, for good measure!

We pour our hearts and souls into this blog and apply that same passion to brand collaborations.


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A Life Beautifully Travelled is a PR-friendly blog with a monthly reach of other 11 000 loyal individuals! It certainly has the authority and the influence required to help you achieve your marketing goals and reach your Target Consumer.

We are well-positioned to help promote your brand. We have been traveling for most of our life. Throughout that time, we have established relationships with individuals all over the globe, and have an ever-growing network of contacts in the design, travel, and blogging industry. 

In addition to many years of travel experience, our professional expertise sets us apart. Katharina is a freelance writer/blogger with a degree in Architecture, which gives her a greater understanding of people and their needs. We are editors, content creators as well as expert communicators.

Connect with thousands of families that love to travel part-time – As a trusted travel resource, our readers often plan their travel, accommodation, and activities after having read about it on my blog. Better yet, we have a very niche audience. So while other travel bloggers with a broader focus may have larger audiences, you can be assured that if your brand targets the same audience as our website, almost 100% of our readers are going to be interested to find out more.

Quality content creation from a skilled writer – We take pride in producing professional, quality content for our website. If you choose to work with us promoting your destination or product, you can expect high-quality content that is crafted and presented in a way that will be appealing and useful to our readers. Our mission is to create content that benefits our readers and we approach working with any brand or sponsor from this angle. We don’t just do reviews…We provide editorial that “sells” our readers on why they should consider you as a brand. This is why we only work with brands that are a super authentic fit for our blog and audience  

Articles optimised to rank in Google – Every article we write is optimised for SEO. This means that you don’t get content for content’s sake. You get content that comes with keyword research and all the on-page SEO tricks that get you further up the search results.

Immersive storytelling, beautiful photography, engaging videos – We have invested in high-quality camera and video equipment, and promise to showcase your brand will excellence. All of our professional photographs are featured both within posts on A Life Beautifully Travelled and across my various social media accounts when appropriate.  We apply a Creative Commons license to all of our photography meaning your company is more than welcome to use these freely for additional promotion in the future. The same applies to any videos we produce.



Since launching our site publicly in 2015, we have quickly grown an impressive organic following. A Life Beautifully Travelled current combined monthly audience across blog and social media is sitting at around 45 600 people.

Both the rapid growth of our website and our highly engaged audience can be attributed to our ease with people, passion for travel, and our writing skills. Find out more about our website and social media following below:







* This site attracts continued visitor interest. Most viewers read several pages per session

Audience Profile 2021
Global Reach 2021

Over the years, we have built a strong and loyal community of travelers on social media who follow our adventures as well as trust our recommendations — and these numbers are still growing fast!














Our goal is to introduce high-quality destinations, attractions, food, wine, and travel-related products to our audience. We are therefore interested in building business partnerships that advance these goals of A Life Beautifully Travelled. 

The company we keep is as important as the places we go.  Seeking out brands that hold the same values, passions, and commitment to the environment as us is at the top of our priority list. We promise to only deliver quality content. We are therefore not interested in deceiving my readers. We believe in working with partners who support our travel values and brand.  If you’d like to work with us it needs to be on a professional, quality-driven basis. Of course, it can also be fun! Our most successful campaigns have been those that are a little out of the ordinary.

The following is a list of brands and partners we have collaborated with to produce content.

work with us context travel
Work with us Clink hostel
Work with us marriott
Work with us shangri la hotels
Work with us gps my city
Work with us traveloka
Work with us bel and the dragon country inns
Houses of parliament
Work with us Iglu Cruise
work with us rocket restaurant
rakuten kobo
Work with us balmer lawn
Visit Wales
Work with us Virgin experience days
Work with us newbury racecourses
Work with us alshaqab
Work with us headout
Work with us holiday me
Work with us New Forest National Park
Work with us up at the o2
Work with us kanada ya ramen bar
work with us Borde hill garden
Work with us n1 duke street
Work with us min jiang london


So you love our blog content, believe that we are well suited for each other, and want to work with us?

Are you a tourist board, an advertiser, or a brand? We can create a custom sponsorship solution just for you, that will meet both your personal advertising goals and budget. Do you require positive publicity? Invite us to experience your hotel, B&B, resort, town, airline, or product if you think it fits with our niche of young travelling professionals.

We can deliver full coverage of your product (or any trips we take) on our blog. This includes written articles, extensive social media coverage, and video if appropriate. We have sections on our blog specifically dedicated to equipment, restaurant and hotel reviews, as well as a number of other travel tip categories, which ensures that posts reach your travel niche and target audience.  This also increases visibility of your product on our blog as articles are not buried under mass content.   

We will write a professional article, complete with stunning photography, which we’ve taken ourselves and links to your site. We will not only promote the article on our personal travel blog, we also promise to leverage our loyal fan base and promote your brand throughout our social media channels – driving new customers your way.

Alternatively, we can be commissioned to write an editorial piece or itinerary for your hotel, experience, service, or destination that you can use on your own website, blog, or in your magazine – under your brand and tone of voice.

Our content creation, various platforms and network enable us to collaborate with you in a variety of ways:

Press Trips 1


We started this blog because we love to travel. Travel has become our way of life and we happily accept press and social media trips.

Invite us to enjoy your venture and we will share our experience on our blog and across our social media channels. We can provide exposure before, during, and after the press trip, including real-time exposure on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, followed by detailed blog posts that link back to your website. All posts remain in the archives of A Life Beautifully Travelled.  

We will take on your event or trip with expertise and professionalism and will tell a unique story about your brand, destination, or service. We can do this under your brand or/and as a part of A Life Beautifully Travelled. 

social media campaign


We can create a social media campaign for your destination. Social Media Campaigns are proven to drive new clients to your own social media platforms and will highlight your destination as a top travel destination. We will create a buzz around your destination in three stages: pre-trip, during the trip, and post-trip.

Before the trip, we will publish an announcement post on A Life Beautifully Travelled. we will describe the trip and the things that we are most excited about. We will also encourage our readers to follow us via a chosen #hashtag. These posts will include at least one link back to your website or social media accounts along with appropriate images and will be promoted across all our social media sites. During the trip, we will be updating our social media channels on a regular basis. We will share the experience via photos, short videos, and tweets with our readers. After the trip, we will publish at last one more post. All further posts and photos will be promoted on all our social media platforms under your hashtag.

restaurant hotel product reviews


Are you looking for positive publicity? Invite us to experience your hotel, B&B, resort, town or airline, if you believe that your business or service would be of interest to our readers. In exchange for a hotel stay, restaurant meal for 2, or tour, we will then write a professional article (complete with stunning photography) for you.

All posts remain in the archives of A Life Beautifully Travelled. The post will contain at least one link to your businesses’ website. Furthermore, we promise to promote the post and your brand on all my social media channels, driving new customers your way!

Alternatively, we can be commissioned to write an editorial piece or itinerary for your hotel, experience, service, or destination for your website, blog, or in your magazine – under your brand and tone of voice.

product review


We review a variety of travel-related products and services on our blog, and are always happy to accept products for review. We do not however guarantee a review, unless the post is sponsored.

Any review generally includes at least one link back to your website along with appropriate images and will be promoted across all our social media sites.

feature in ana rticle


Want to see your brand promoted here? We can write a specific commercial post for A Life Beautifully Travelled, with pictures provided either by us or by you.

We review a variety of travel related products/services on our blog, and are happy to accept sponsored reviews should you have a product you believe would be a good fit for our readers.  Any review generally includes at least one link back to your website along with appropriate images and will be promoted across all our social media sites. 



We do accept quality guest posts on A Life Beautifully Travelled.

If your link is a commercial link we will charge a fee that can be discussed. We do not promise to provide a do-follow link.  

Please note that we do reserve the right to write an honest review on our own blog and that we will therefore generally only accept a sponsored post if we think your product, service or destination is of interest to our fans. After all it is the trust I have built up with my readers that makes them come back for more. 

 All posts remain in the archives of A Life Beautifully Travelled. But we do reserve the right to remove or alter any links included in the post after a year.


Short answer: yes, please.

Long answer: In order to deliver consistent high-quality content, photos, and videos, we ask that you allow both Katharina and Gary to join any press trip, tour, hotel stay or restaurant review.

Travelling alone on a press trip or completing a hotel / restaurant review is not as efficient nor productive if only one of us has to do everything by themselves. We have a specific style and certain requirements that we have set for our branding.

If the hotel, restaurant, attraction or destination is family-friendly, we also reserve the right to bring our son along, to fully test out your offer and present this to our readers.

It highly depends on some factors…

  • If it will interest our audience and if it aligns with our blog. If we feel like it won’t, then we will decline even if the pay is high. After all, we value the relationship we have fostered with our community, so we will only partner with brands that are a fit for us or our reader’s niche and interests.
  • If there’s compensation. Our blog is a business and we’d rather spend our time doing something that will benefit us rather than work on something that won’t pay us for the effort we will put in. Sometimes, however, we will reduce our rates if it’s an amazing opportunity that we don’t want to pass up 
  • If it’s something we are excited about. Life is short, so we always choose to take on things that we actually enjoy and love 

Congratulations on your new venture! But please understand that as much as we would love to help you out, as a business as well, we do not work for free.

There are instances, however, that we may be lenient towards ex-deal or barter arrangements; but for this, please contact us.

We would love to support you and what you do, but please understand that we still need to find a way to pay our bills.

You can still tell us about your project though and we will try my best to share it — if not suggest other ways that we may be able to collaborate in the future. Thank you!