How to save money on your next trip to or from London – From Airport Parking to Hidden Costs

save money next time you travel to london with airport parking

 Most people are keen to find clever ways to save money when booking their holiday – from purchasing cheap airline tickets to booking discounted rooms. And let’s admit it, we all get a unique sense of joy when we score a great deal on our flight to or from a famous city such as London.

London is a popular tourist destination and many cannot wait to immerse themselves in the grandness of it all capital. Indeed London is one of the most popular destinations in the UK.

But London is also expensive. And if you’re visiting the capital, you will soon find yourself stretching every penny in the hopes of getting the most bung for your buck. From reserving parking slots, to scoring promo tickets, saving money whilst visiting London is indeed possible as long as you have the proper know-how and the right mind set.


Instead of hiring an airport taxi it can often be far more convenient and also surprisingly cheaper just to use a parking service for your vehicle.

Indeed, finance powerhouse Money Saving Expert points out, that when it comes to airport parking,  you can cut the cost by up to a third of the original price by booking a spot ahead of your flight schedule. To put an exact number on things, say you’re flying from Heathrow Airport, an impromptu one-week stay will could set you back £195.10 (£29.90 on your first 24 hours and £23.60 on every succeeding days). However, if you reserve a car bay, this goes down to a reasonable £82.

Also, be on the lookout for special car park provisions that not only save you money, but time as well. London Gatwick, for example, has a Park Mark award-winning short stay parking option that’s conveniently situated between the North and South Terminals. This saves you the trouble of catching a transfer bus, as you can just walk across the link to your designated terminal.


Many of us try and pinch the pennys by booking our flight through a budget airline. But is that really a good way of saving money? There can be many hidden costs when it comes to budget airlines. Additional charges such as card fees, tax prices, and check-in luggage are the top reasons why low-priced tickets are not as inexpensive as they may seem.

Always make sure to read between the lines and understanding every detail of the deal. If you are only planning to take a carry-on suitcase with you, then make sure to cross out the corresponding check-in baggage box. Same goes with in-flight meals. Especially if you consider how much airplane cabin noise can alter your perception of taste, as explained by Suzy Strutner from The Huffington Post.


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” But it doesn’t hurt to be extra vigilant  when planning your next trip. be prepared and curious. Be on the look-out for the best deal and consider all your options. After all the cost of your trip can seriously affect your actual experience of it.

Disclaimer: Please note. This is a Guest post written by by Allison Gaye in collaboration with Parking4Less. I want to thank Parking4Less for providing all this very insightful information. 


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