How to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy Whilst Travelling

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You don’t have to stop fuelling your love of travel when you become a parent—you just have to be a little more well-prepared for what you could face.

When travelling with a child or toddler, planning ahead is crucial. Selecting kid-friendly accommodations and researching local parks and playgrounds you can stop by can make all the difference in creating a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Similarly, taking a few safety precautions on your next holiday can be pivotal in ironing out would-be disasters.

Of course, you don’t need to become paranoid about all the possible “what-ifs” if you want to accomplish this. Just covering the basics can ensure a better holiday experience.

To help you out, here’s a quick guide on how to keep your family safe and healthy whilst travelling.

Get your family vaccinated

Taking your first international trip as a family can be thrilling. However, remember that different locales have different risks.

If you’re heading to sub-tropical South America, for example, you and your loved ones may get yellow fever.

And though Ghana in West Africa has stunning beaches and architecture your kids will surely appreciate, it’s also highly affected by rabies.

For your peace of mind, it’s best to research what immunisation your family needs by asking your health provider or consulting the NHS’ travel vaccination resources. Doing so will tell you which vaccines you shouldn’t get if you have certain health conditions, and which ones you can get for free.

From here, get vaccinated at least 4 to 6 weeks before your departure. That will allow enough time for the vaccines to take effect. Don’t forget to bring your immunisation records with you!

Stock up on sun protection

Having some fun in the sun may be perfect for your ideal family holiday, but you shouldn’t forget that the sun also emits harmful UV rays as well as warmth and light.

To avoid the skin and eye damage long-term exposure to these rays can cause, keep to indoor activities between 11 am and 3 pm.

When you do go out, ensure everyone is slathered in sun cream with a minimum SPF factor of 30 and a PA+++ rating for broad-spectrum protection.

Get the water-resistant type if you’re going swimming—the spray from Pelotan can be especially handy if your tot can’t stay still for long.

You can also look into purchasing UV-blocking sunglasses from an online store like Glasses Direct, where you can customise the shades to have the lens prescription and tints you need. You can also get good discounts online, so it’s a great way to buy in bulk for the family without breaking the bank.

Keep an eye on hydration

Whatever you do, make sure your family is hydrated at all times. Even a slight amount of dehydration can stress the body and affect one’s ability to think clearly—not great news if you’re relying on your spouse to keep an eye on your wandering toddler or hoping against hope your baby will stay calm in a quiet museum.

Bring water bottles for you and your family to sip from frequently—and if your child is a little picky, add some fruit to flavour the water.

During mealtimes, you can also ensure you all eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to leverage their high water content.

Prepare a first-aid kit

You’ll also want to prepare for the worst-case scenario by having a first-aid kit on-hand to soothe any illnesses or injuries.

You can buy one off the shelves of your local drugstore or clinic—but if you decide to create one yourself, don’t forget to include a sanitiser, antiseptic solutions, cotton, a thermometer, antibiotic ointment, ibuprofen, and any medication your family needs.

You can also pack a first-aid manual if you need to review any treatment instructions on the go.

Your next holiday with your loved ones can be as adventurous and exciting as you want it to be. By taking some simple precautions, you can keep your entire family safe and healthy on the trip.

What are your top tips for keeping your kids safe abroad?
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