Weekend Getaways

Travelling the world, whilst holding down a full-time job is all about the weekend. Whether you’re going to stay in your local area or hop on a plane, you need to master the weekend to make the most of it.


A Life Beautifully Travelled, therefore, focuses mainly on weekend adventures and day-trips. In my opinion, travel starts locally. We often forget to explore the amazing locations that are right on our doorstep. Two years ago my boyfriend and I moved to London. Since then we travel largely around the UK.  We make the most of each weekend, by exploring London or the countryside further afield. I aim to unearth and introduce you to this country’s best-kept secrets. England has a lot to offer for the keen traveller and we still haven’t discovered everything there is to see.

If like me you are lucky enough to live in Europe, a whole world of possibilities is open to you. Flights within Europe are generally cheap. There certainly are ways to find great deals. It is entirely feasible to travel to another European country and back in one day. Or you could spend a full weekend in another city.

So whatever weekend getaway in the UK or Europe you’re looking for, let me be your guide. Have a browse through my website and discover my restaurant, hotel, and B&B recommendations in the UK and Europe. I write watch post, story, review and itinerary personally to give you an insider’s view and help you decide if it’s right for your weekend getaway.