How to Travel the World whilst in a Long Distance Relationship

How to travel when you are in a relationship

Let’s make 2016, the year you Travel the World! I am always surprised by the amount of excuses people come up with that supposedly prevent them from Travelling. Most people do have at least a couple of doubts and fears when it comes to Travel. I’m certainly no stranger to the occasional moment of uncertainty. Should I really spend so much money on this trip? Wouldn’t it be better if I saved that money for rainy days? I don’t have enough time to plan this Trip! This country is far to dangerous to visit. I don’t have enough time to Travel! That’s why  I have launched a series on this blog in which I will regularly feature Guest Posts from experienced Travelers. These articles will help you banish those silly excuses to the far flung end of your mind. Hopefully my Guest Bloggers will be able to qualm your nerves and inspire YOU to travel more in 2016! Now, I’m very excited about this series because not only will it be an informational piece for you guys, but it will also be an informational piece for me!  After all, we are in this together! Today in Celebration of Valentine’s Day we are tackling the issue “I am in a Serious Relationship! I cannot leave my Boyfriend or Girlfriend back home. I should have done this when I was single.”. I have connected with a couple of Travel Bloggers that will prove to you that you are wrong. Oh so wrong! And along the way they will also give you their Best Advice, Hints and Tricks on how to Travel the World whether you are in a relationship or single.


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Today’s Guestblogger is Australian born horse rider and hula hooper, Chantell. She is the co-founder and writer of Adoration 4 adventure.

Adoration 4 adventure is a budget travel website centered on an Australian and an American who aretraveling the world and sharing their stories.

A late starter, Chantell went on her first plane at 21 and first international trip at 24. Since then she has traveled to over 30 countries as well as lived in the United States and Brazil.

Currently residing in Vancouver, Canada, her dreams are to become fluent in Portuguese and travel to every country in the world.

Stay in Touch with Chantell:


In January 2015, I met a charming American man at a hostel in Cambodia. Darrell and I were instantly smitten and decided to travel together throughout South East Asia. As that magical trip came to an end and we were both due to return to our respective home countries, we knew that we didn’t want our relationship to finish too. A quick plan was hashed out to do the dreaded long distance with Darrell coming to visit me in Oz and, a few months later, I would fly to the states. There was just one problem – I had already been planning a European backpacking trip that summer.  


I have known of other couples in similar situation. Some have decided to travel together, others have cancelled their trip altogether in favor of staying at home with their new beau. As much as Darrell would have loved to backpack around Europe with me, this trip wouldn’t be possible for him due to timing and budget constraints. Darrell and I are travel enthusiasts and love the freedom of backpacking. We had both been traveling solo when we met and knew that we would never want to hold the other back from going on future trips. In the end, we decided that I would come to Dallas for a few weeks first then head to Europe for two months before returning to my man. It was a great compromise, as we got to travel together before I left – taking a Caribbean cruise and two US road trips. I then set off for Europe, with tears in my eyes as I kissed Darrell goodbye at the DFW Departure gate.


The first week was hard, although I was ecstatic to be in Scotland, I was missing my boyfriend terribly and the jetlag didn’t help. Darrell supported me the whole way through, as he knew that I would always regret wasting my trip feeling sorry for myself. I pushed through and as the jetlag subsided my mood improved. Long distance is tough. Long distance while traveling is even tougher. Between time zone differences, dodgy (or sometimes non-existent) Wi-Fi connections and long days filled with activities that stretched into the night – it was hard to keep constant communication going. We Skyped as often as possible, sent each other photos, silly jokes and anecdotes about our days.


It was a challenge – but we survived it! As much as I missed Darrell, I loved that trip! And I was so grateful to him for supporting me in taking it, even though he couldn’t come with me. It has made our relationship stronger and we have both gone on to do other solo trips. Darrell traveling to Houston and Seattle, while I was in Vancouver. Myself taking a two week trip back to Australia and a week in Central America. Of course it is always great to travel with a loved one if you can but it is also important not to let the excuse of one of you being busy to stop the other from taking the trip that you have been dreaming of. Go out there and make the most of 2016! There is so much world to explore!



  1. August 9, 2016 / 4:04 pm

    I was in the mindset that I couldn’t really do it because my husband’s career is not as settled, until I decided to just ask him. “I really really need to do this – what do you think?” And he’s not much of a traveller in the past but he’s willing and getting excited too.

  2. February 29, 2016 / 3:08 pm

    I’m also in a similar situation, but I’m very happy to have met my amazing boyfriend and see him only once a month. Because it’s much better than nothing. It’s hard to plan the trips together, we basically spend all the money we earn on traveling just to see each other but it’s worth it!

  3. February 18, 2016 / 7:38 pm

    I suppose I’m in the opposite situation. I live in Canada and my boyfriend lives in Spain. We’re both stuck in our respective countries until we finish our degrees this spring, so to break up our year-long separation we took a trip to Norway. 🙂 Being apart for so long is certainly draining but we know it will be worth it when we are finally together for good later this year. Until then, communication is key!

  4. February 16, 2016 / 4:42 am

    I travel with my sweet heart as often as I can but we both get pulled in opposite directions with work. It means taking trips, sometimes a week or more, on our own. It’s important to not lose an independent spirit, that savvy that makes us who we were when we first met. Whatever we’re doing is working. We’ll celebrate year #9 together this fall.

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