Five thousand seven hundred and thirteen miles – quite the distance to travel for a place you may or may not enjoy, well that’s the distance between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the far eastern isles of Japan. For me personally there was no doubt in my mind I had to visit but for others the distance may be just too much of a risk. That is why once a year a great opportunity arises as Japan comes to you. Hyper Japan.

What makes someone decide to travel for almost a day on a flight to the opposite site of the planet? Is it because you’ve tried a Japanese restaurant and the food blew your mind so you just had to visit that exotic distant land? Is it an anime film that made you wonder what the people were like from a country that could create such magical animated worlds? Perhaps it was playing Pokémon or Final Fantasy that had you wishing to see the advanced futurist cities of Nihon? Whatever the reason sometimes it just isn’t enough to push you to travel that distance but Hyper Japan is a great way of finally tripping over that line.

Trade stalls covering culture, entertainment, fashion, food and general shopping all come together for a long weekend to give London a taste of Japanese life. There are also workshops and live shows for getting more hands on and guest Japanese stars such as singers also show up to entertain. If cosplay is your thing don’t be afraid to dress to impress as a huge number do exactly that and can even win .

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