If you are looking for nice but affordable holiday accommodation then FG Properties might just be the answer. I have now lived in London for over three years and let me tell you the words affordable and London don’t really go together. One of the advantages of living in the city (and paying premium rates) is that you have constant access to all the fabulous venues and activities that the city provides. 

I probably dont need to tell explain why London is a popular tourist destination. With it’s many activities geared towards family enjoyment, group tours and relaxation opportunity for the the business and solo travelers, London is one of the world’s leading destinations. Indeed in 2014 it saw 17.4 million visitors. 

Thus finding affordable London accommodations can be a concern. Holiday Accommodation in London is often fully booked and generally overpriced. 

Yet it is so important to find adequate accommodation that meets your needs. The bed you sleep on can make or break your vacation. In order to truly appreciate this busy city you will want to return to a place that is comfortable and feels like home.
No surprise then that I am always on the lookout for great hotels, hostels and holiday rental flats, that provide good value for money. Partly because I write this blog and I want to serve my readers, but also because I want to discover wonderfil places for our friend and family to stay at. 

I was therefore more than pleased when City Relay offered me the opportunity to review their service and to stay in one of their apartments.
And I can tell you right now this apartment ticked all the right boxes.
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