Let’s Stand Together Against Terrorism

let's stand together agains terrorism


It has taken me a couple of days before I could face writing this Post. It has taken me a couple of days to digest the Attrocities that happened this Friday in Paris, especially so shortly after Charlie Hebdo. I am Dismayed and Horrified. Not entirely sure what to do with myself, what to think and how to cope.

Again, my thoughts and prayers go out to the People of Paris, the Victims, and their Loved ones.

My Family lives in Paris. My Friends and their Parents live in Paris. And for all Intent and Purpose part of my Heart still resides in Paris. Paris is where I was brought up. It is where I spent my formative years. It represents my Childhood. An Innocent Life.

I was born as a Child of Europe. I have a British Dad, a German Mum and I grew up in Paris. Accepting other Cultures always came naturally to me. I don’t question it, I just accept it. I went to an International School. A school created for the children of the international personnel working at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). My School represents 11 different Nations. Eleven different Nations that work together peacefully to raise the next Generation. We celebrated our differences. Rejoiced in the fact that we could celebrate various Festivities and be introduced to new Customs. Refusing to accept another Culture is an entirely Foreign Concept to me. I don’t understand it, and refuse ever to do so.

My family is spread all over Europe. We live in Berlin, Paris and London. My Friends reside all over the World. From Brussels, to Tokyo, to Boston. Together we form an incredible International Network. I am so blessed!

We will be travelling Home to Paris this Christmas. Am I scared to do so? No! Tomorrow Paris will be no more dangerous than it was the day before. Honestly we aren’t entirely safe anywhere we go. This breaks my heart. I run just as much risk on my daily commute through London. Until 9/11 Terrorism wasn’t a common Term. We lived without fear. We But Life has changed. A child born after 2011, will be made aware of Terrorism from an early age. They will never enjoy the Innocence our Generation did. I am still not entirely sure I can get my head around that.

But the correct response to the terrible events of this Friday the 13th isn’t to recoil in Fear. We owe it to the 130 victims not to let the Terrorists win by allowing ourselves to be terrorised. We owe it to them to close Ranks and not to accept Terrorism into our Lives! We need to respond intelligently and rationally. We cannot give into the panic created by Sensationalist Media.

Let’s not Shut our Borders! Let’s not give into Fear! More than ever, This is the time to Stand Together!



  1. November 26, 2015 / 7:22 am

    Beautifully written post Kat…I agree, we cannot give in to terrorism. It must be a very difficult time for you as Paris is clearly your city and I think it’s quite brave to write a post like this.

    As you said, I hope the borders do not close and the term ‘Freedom’ does not lose it’s meaning…

  2. November 22, 2015 / 8:03 pm

    I really feel for those people in Syria, they are human beings fleeing this very thing, as mothers, daughters, sons, fathers ourselves we should know the desperation we would feel to keep our families safe. We should be coming together to help the world, not taking sides and looking on people with suspicion, that’s what they want.

  3. Douglas Smith
    November 18, 2015 / 9:53 pm

    Terrible events in Paris and Egypt recently. Yes you have been born in (fairly) quiet times as far as terrorism is concerned but there have been groups that have terrorised Europe in the recent past. The IRA carried out several atrocities in the UK along with their unionist foes. Germany had Baader Meinhof and Italy had the red brigade. Never mind the National Socialists in Germany and elsewhere. Freedom has a price and the price is that these things can happen in a free society. Look how the populations of China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia etc are all kept under an iron fist the same as Iraq was. Libya was. Syria was. Egypt is. Yugoslavia was.
    What we don’t want is our society being ever more closely watched and controlled and losing the very thing that we are fighting for. Freedom!
    The west bombing and invading the middle east was and is wrong. When will they learn? The thugs responsible for the Paris attacks and their comrades will not thrive as no good Muslim people will put up with their inhumanity. It will take time but their vile creed will wither and die like others before them.

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