Ladies Love Beer – A Masterclass at London’s Neighbourhood East Village

Ladies Love Beer - A Masterclass at London's Neighbourhood East Village

Next week I will be attending my very first Beer Masterclass in London’s Neighborhood East Village,  near Stratford Centre.

I haven’t always enjoyed beer. In fact I unashamedly state that I was far more of a white wine drinker for a very long time.

I changed my mind about beer when I moved to Germany in 2010. Up until then I had always had the strong opinion that beer was reserved for men. Silly, looking back at it now. In Germany most people drink beer when they go out and my colleagues soon convinced me to give it a go.
This year I went on my very first beer tour with context travel. I tasted all sorts of amazing craft-beers. To my surprise  I also discovered a new variety, Sour Beer, that has quickly become my favourite.
I am therefore more than excited to have been invited to this amazing masterclass.

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On the 15th June, neighbourhood East Village, is celebrating Beer Day Britain – a nationwide celebration of the suds – with Ladies Beer; a relaxed masterclass exploring all facets of the ubiquitous lager, such as flavour profiles, brewing techniques and aromas, as well as learning which dishes pair perfectly them with. And guys, if you fancy learning a bit more about the country’s go-to tipple, you’re more than welcome to join this neighbourly gathering too!

Lead by Cheryl Cade of the Thirst Consultants, herself a former member of the Campaign for Real Ale Committee (CAMRA), qualified tutor and beer sommelier, guests will be treated to a welcome beer cocktail before diving into some seriously tasty varieties of brewskis from around the world, each hand-picked by Cade.
With an ever changing range of beers on offer Cheryl will handpick each of the beers showcased just days before, matching their characteristics with complementing dishes, enhancing both the understanding and enjoyment of Britain’s favourite nip. Whether your enjoying a dry and bold single hop pale ale such as Mosaic Pale Ale; an irresistibly fruity, berry heavy brew from Brussels such as Belle Vue; or the Pilsner style beer and neighbourhood’s staple, Krusovice, Cheryl will choose dishes from neighbourhood’s crowd-pleasing menu, designed specifically to highlight sublime tasting notes.
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If you’re the social media savvy type, you can raise a glass with the hashtag #CheersToBeer, the official salutation of Beer Day Britain, with the countrywide toast that will take place bang on 7pm, no matter where you are.

Tickets include a beer cocktail on arrival, six craft beers to taste, a three course tasting menu and a goody bag to take away. Tickets can be purchased from EventBrite

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If you have nothing planned on Wednesday 15th June, then you might want to consider getting a ticket for the masterclass. 
Hurry though. Places are numbered and on a first come first served basis.

Neighbourhood East Village

52-54 Celebration Avenue East Village

London E20 1DB

020 8221 0329

Twitter: @NeighbourhoodEV

Facebook: /NeighbourhoodEV

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