A Relaxing Staycation in Fulham with FG Properties


If you are looking for nice but affordable holiday accommodation then FG Properties might just be the answer. I have now lived in London for over three years and let me tell you the words affordable and London don’t really go together. One of the advantages of living in the city (and paying premium rates) is that you have constant access to all the fabulous venues and activities that the city provides. 

I probably dont need to tell explain why London is a popular tourist destination. With it’s many activities geared towards family enjoyment, group tours and relaxation opportunity for the the business and solo travelers, London is one of the world’s leading destinations. Indeed in 2014 it saw 17.4 million visitors. 

Thus finding affordable London accommodations can be a concern. Holiday Accommodation in London is often fully booked and generally overpriced. 

Yet it is so important to find adequate accommodation that meets your needs. The bed you sleep on can make or break your vacation. In order to truly appreciate this busy city you will want to return to a place that is comfortable and feels like home.
No surprise then that I am always on the lookout for great hotels, hostels and holiday rental flats, that provide good value for money. Partly because I write this blog and I want to serve my readers, but also because I want to discover wonderfil places for our friend and family to stay at. 

I was therefore more than pleased when City Relay offered me the opportunity to review their service and to stay in one of their apartments.
And I can tell you right now this apartment ticked all the right boxes.


So first of all, why would you stay in a rental flat in London? Obviously Hotels have the advantage of being fully serviced, often include breakfast, sometimes dinner and you don’t need to take on a responsibility or pay a deposit. 

But they can often be a little sterile and you will probably not be able to afford the quality you would like to expect in the center of London.
Thus rental apartments become a great alternative. They are generally cheaper, especially if you are in a group. 

But more importantly than that, they provide that home from home feeling I was talking about earlier. 

You also have the added bonus of communal spaces, a comfortable living room and a fully equipped kitchen. 

Furthermore renting a flat affords you a certain amount of independence and flexibility. You can walk home and enjoy a bottle of wine in your own private place. You can get up whenever you want without having to worry at what time breakfast is served and whether the hotel staff are going to try and make up your room before you’ve had a chance to get dressed.  You can even just relax and gaze out of your window all day if that what suits you.


One of the best companies in London for short-term, holiday apartment rentals is FG Properties. 

FG Properties is a young and fast growing company that offers short-term, customized and fully-furnished flats and houses in and around Central London, as well as Paris, Amsterdam and Rome.  

The company currently owns 123 properties scattered in all sorts of locations throughout London and you can thus choose from an impressive variety of furnished budget studio apartments, as well as one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom luxury flats and townhouses.
Some of these properties even offer roof terraces, gardens, patios, balconies and amazing views of the city. 

Rental costs typically start at the very affordable price of 65£ per night.I challenge you to find something of equal value for money in the Big Smoke.


The rental flats of FG Properties are managed by a company called City Relay. They are basically the equivalent of the front desk at a hotel and will ensure that you have a smooth and worry-free experience during your stay in London. 

They will meet and greet you, arrange the pick-up of your keys, check-in, as well as checkout. They will also provide you with all the information you might need about the flat and its location. And finally they sort out any issues you might have during your stay.  

Should you need to speak to City Relay in person, you’ll find their office at the end of Kenway Road in Earls Court. Trust me you wont have any trouble spotting the llight blue house with a key Icon. 

The booking process is really easy. You simply choose your preferred property, check whether it’s available let and then book it online. You will then immediately received a confirmation of your booking. All throughout this process City Relay will keep in touch with you by email, provide you with details and answer any questions. And I must say they were very quick to respond to mine.  

Shortly before your actual stay you will be sent a friendly reminder and asked how you would like to check-in. There are several options at your disposal. 

You can for instance choose to meet your relations officer at their head office to get your access code and pay your deposit.  City Relay will even offer to pick-you up at the airport and drive you to the flat. 

Alternatively a representative will gladly meet you in the flat to welcome you personally. This is what Gary and I chose to do. And although we were a little late, our relationship officer waited patiently. 

Once the booking is verified, City Relay will provide you with a welcome folder containing the address and a map with directions to your booked property, as well as useful information about all the amenities in the flat, recommendations for the best local shops and attractions and important emergency numbers to call should the need arise. 

Overall, the booking, checking in and checking out was very simple. When we left we simply closed the door behind us.


Gary and I live in the North East of London. So for our staycation in London with FG Properties we opted for a newly renovated two bedroom flat in Fulham, within walking distance of Baron’s Court tube station giving great access to both the West End and West London. There are also several bus stations nearby, that will rake you all the way to central London. 

Located in a quiet neighborhood relatively far from the busier city center of London, this is the perfect area for leisurely morning walks or a fitness run through the park. Holland Park, the River Thames and Lillie Park are all nearby.Also a short walk away is the famous Olympia, we’re Gary and I attended Hyper Japan, and Westfield London, for all your shopping needs. 

There are so many things to do within walking distance of the flat, but the area is also really well connected to the rest of London. I therefore feel confident and stating that this is the perfect location for a London crash pad.


A charming, spacious, two-bedroom flat located in Fulham, this FG Properties apartment is perfect for a couple, although it can also accommodate solo-traveler or a while family. 

The flat itself was beautiful. Decorated with lots of grey and white it was very cool, neutral and modern. Yet it still managed to feel homely and cosy. 

Here is a more detailed description as well as  lots of pictures of each room.


The flat had two good size bedrooms, each with very comfy double bed. 

Fresh and clean bed linen was provided and I could easily have stayed tucked under the warm duvet all day. 

Both bedrooms were full of personal touches, with beautiful lamps on the bedside tables, plumped up cushions and pictures on the wall. 

We had an enjoyable night in a surprisingly quiet bedroom. Both bedrooms overlook the terrace of flat below, as well as a primary school.  

And the neighborhood is actually very busy and loud, so the double glazed windows did a great job at keeping it all out.


Each bedroom had its own bathroom, with showers that meant business. 

The main bedroom actually had a small en-suite and there was a second slightly larger bathroom at the top of the landing. 

This made getting ready in the morning pretty easy and we ended up treating the layout as a his and hers bathroom. 

To my surprise, signature toiletries had also been provided for, alongside fresh towels. I must admit I did not expect this of a rental flat, but it was a great bonus. 

Finally I would like to mention that both bathrooms were impeccably clean.


The flat features a fully equipped kitchen, furnished with a convection oven and stove, a refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, toaster, plenty of cupboard space and all the cooking utensils like pots, pans, plates, glasses, cutlery and cooking utensils. 

Perfect if you’re planning on preparing a delicious meal during your stay. There are also a dishwasher and a washer/dryer to help you out with washing. 

Although we didn’t cook dinner, opting for a Japanese takeaway instead, we prepared a feast for breakfast the next day. 

I must say, this is one of my favourite things about holiday rentals. Gary and I were very busy throughout August and stayed at numerous hotels. So being able to order in a takeaway and prepare breakfast to our liking the next morning felt like a real luxury.


The living room and kitchen share the same space, as in most modern London flat. The space itself however was pretty huge. 

The living room was furnished with a big curl-up sofa that can also be turned into a bed. So the flat can actually comfortable sleep six. 

The living room featured beautiful parquet flooring, books, paintings  and contemporary art. It felt like it had directly sprung out if an interior design magazine and I loved it. 

Waiting on the table sat a beautiful bouquet, a box of pralines and our welcome pack. Now I’m not sure if this was special treatment, but we sure appreciated it. 

In terms of entertainment the sitting room had a decently sized flatscreen and there was good wifi throughout.


We really enjoyed our stay at FG Properties and would definitely use the company again, as long as their pricing stays the same. In fact I have already looked at their apartments in Paris for a possible weekend stay. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending their London apartments to friends and family either.
I would definitely recommend using FG Properties if you’re travelling in a small group as you get the best value for money when you’re in a larger property.
Aside from the modern interior and the organized, clean and comfortable living space of the apartment, what we loved the most about the experience is the customer care from City Relay. During our stay, we had a minor issue connecting to the internet. City Relay were quick to respond and sorted us out without a hitch.

Staying in one of these apartments is really like living in the comfort of your own home, secure, in the midst of a quiet neighborhoods and with help on hand should you need it.


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