Let’s make 2016, the year you Travel the World! I am always surprised by the amount of excuses people come up with that supposedly prevent them from Travelling. Most people do have at least a couple of doubts and fears when it comes to Travel.

I’m certainly no stranger to the occasional moment of uncertainty. Should I really spend so much money on this trip? Wouldn’t it be better if I saved that money for rainy days? I don’t have enough time to plan this Trip! This country is far to dangerous to visit. I don’t have enough time to Travel!

That’s why  I have launched a series on this blog in which I will regularly feature Guest Posts from experienced Travelers. These articles will help you banish those silly excuses to the far flung end of your mind. Hopefully my Guest Bloggers will be able to qualm your nerves and inspire YOU to travel more in 2016!

Now, I’m very excited about this series because not only will it be an informational piece for you guys, but it will also be an informational piece for me!  After all, we are in this together!

Today we are tackling the ever re-occurring excuse “I don’t have enough time to travel. I have a full-time career after all!”. I have connected with a couple of Travel Bloggers that will prove to you that you are wrong. Oh so wrong! And along the way they will also give you their Best Advice, Hints and Tricks on how to Travel the World whilst holding down a 9-to-5 Job.

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