Stepping inside British History at the Houses of parliament audio tour house of lords 2

The Palace of Westminster – home to the Houses of Parliament – has been a royal palace for 1000 years, home to the Parliament for nearly 500 years, is one of London’s best-known buildings and forms the backdrop to so many images of the capital.

Most people will recognise its striking façade, but far less know what actually happens inside. In fact it is a bit of a mystery. The complex rituals of the British political system are enough to confuse anyone, never mind someone who hasn’t grown up in this country.

Now I am going to let you in on a secret. My grandad, Bruce Millan, was a Scottish labour politician, European Commissionaire and Secretary of State of Scotland. He therefore spent a good chunk of his life in the Houses of Parliament and my stepdad has visited the building on many occasions.

Seeing the interior of the Houses of Parliament for myself has therefore unsurprisingly long been on my to-do-list. Somehow I was convinced that it would bring me a little closer to my grandad, who sadly passed away three years ago.

You can probably imagine how excited I thus was to be invited to try out the new self-guided audio tour and why I took up the offer without a moment’s hesitation.

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