Ever since I have started travelling on my own dime, I have become extra careful not to over-pack. I try to make good packing decisions and ponder over the need for each item. However since my camera and computer equip mentioned always takes priority I sometimes run out off clean clothes on  extended trips that last let’s say more then 10 days.

This is when travel gear like the Scrubba Washbag comes in really useful. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against simply doing my washing in the hotel sink and it can actually be a fun experience to find a local laundromat. In Thailand for instances there countless places that will wash your clothes by the kilo.  I am also no where close to being OCD about the cleanliness of my clothes.  I will happily wear the same pair of trousers for several days. I wouldn’t even consider wearing the same top twice.  But socks and underwear are where I draw my limit.

And whilst a washing machine surely never made it onto my packing list, I would happily make some room for my Scrubba Washbag just for the ease and comfort it provides. It’s a small luxury really  and should feature on your must have list.

After having drooled over Scrubba Bag reviews from fellow travel bloggers for a while, I finally took the leap and contacted Eartheasy to find out if they would send me one for the purpose of a review .  They happily  obliged.

Gary and I were about to head  on our two-week round-trip of Thailand, so the timing couldn’t have been any better. Over the two weeks we spent in Thailand we found ourselves in five  different locations, hopped on a total of five flights and slept at eight different hotels. Packing light was therefore absolutely essential and having my trusty packing cubes and Scrubba Bag along for the ride made the whole trip a whole lot easier.

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