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You could live in London for a lifetime and still not explore all the hidden gems this city has on offer.

When you live in a place long enough you start ignoring the things that are right in front of you. You get affected by local blindness. Yes, you have a better insight into the culture of a place but you also become oblivious to it. You start to ignore everything around you. After all, you have seen it all. Haven’t you?

I have lived in Great Britain for over 8 years. Two and a half of those, I have spent in London. Beer is an integral part of this culture, of my culture. From my stepdads’ obsession with the pub (his all-time favourite is the Drum and Monkey in Glasgow) to the cheeky pint I grab with my colleges on a Friday afternoon after work. Beer is a social event. It is also one of the biggest problems in our society, with binge drinking literally running amok. I have always enjoyed beer for what it is. A refreshing drink to be enjoyed with family, friends or colleagues. But I never dug deeper into the background of this staple drink. Never made an effort to learn about the process of making it and how it transcends our society and culture.

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