I gazed transfixed at the white beauty nimbly picking it’s way through the bushes. Until this day I had no clue that wild ponies roamed the moors of the UK. 

For the final bank holiday of the year Gary and I decided to visit the New Forest, an area of England neither of us had ever been to before. And let me tell you, this little getaway surrounded by nature was just what the doctor prescribed for these two fully-fledged Londoners.

This is a place where outstanding natural beauty, an unspoilt coastline, a unique historic and cultural heritage, quaint towns and villages combine to form one of the best national parks in the UK. 

 We spent one night and two days in the New Forest. This was just enough to get a good overview but could easily have been extended by a couple of days. 

So below is a list of things you might want to do when you head down to the New Forest for your weekend getaway.

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