The Devon Coastline 2005


We’ve all got one. A dust-gathering shoebox in the back of a wardrobe somewhere, full of nostalgic old holiday photos that take us back to happy times. Times when a 99 ice cream really was 99p, and holiday activities included skimming stones and donkey rides.

Parkdean wants to take us all back to those happy times. They asked me to dig out that shoebox and show them my favourite old holiday snaps. To help revive those long lost childhood dreams they kindly sent me a hamper filled with nostalgic items from the British Seashore.

Reminiscing about trips to Devon is always bound to send you into a complete state of bliss and relaxation. The laid back atmosphere of the county is one of its memorable factors. That, the golden sands, and the amazing clotted cream teas!

For me Devon is synonymous with Christmas. And at Christmas Family always comes first. My Family background is complicated, to say the least.  With divorced Parents that live in separate Countries, celebrating Christmas was never going to be easy. In fact, for me Santa Clause came twice every year. We would first celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December in Paris, with my Mum, Stepdad and their parents. And then again on the 28th of December in Devon with my Dad and his Parents. You could say, the Duplicate Christmas became somewhat of a Family Tradition.


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