Travel around Europe


If like me you are lucky enough to live in Europe, a whole world of possibilities is open to you. Flights within Europe are generally cheap. There certainly are ways to find great deals. It is entirely feasible to travel to another European country and back in one day. Or you could spend a full weekend in another city.

This section of my travel blog is therefore filled with weekend getaways around Europe

In my opinion, traveling starts on your doorstep, especially if you are a part-time traveler. Most people only have a set amount of holiday allowance per year and we tend to use up a big chunk of it on one main two-week trip abroad.

What a lot of people forget however is that by using your weekends wisely and adding the odd bank holiday into the mix, you can actually have quite a few micro-adventures in one year.

This point is clearly illustrated in the blog posts below, most of which consist of incredibly detailed three or four-day itineraries for a vast variety of locations Europe.

What you absolutely need to know before visiting Vienna

With its wealth of architectural grandeur, its rich artistic legacy, its imperial history and some of the finest museums in the world, Vienna has always enticed an overwhelming number of visitors.

Gary and I visited this gorgeous city last June for six days and to be honest it was a bit of a hit and miss trip for us. While we fell in love with the beautiful architecture of the city and were thrilled to explore Vienna’s cultural and historically heritage, we were less impressed by the overall cost of the trip.

I am glad to say that we learned a couple of lessons along the way and I would like to share these with you in the article below. Hopefully by doing so  I will be able answer some of your most burning questions.

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