Weekend Getaway

This section of my travel blog is filled with weekend getaways around the UK.

In my opinion, travelling starts on your doorstep, especially if you are a part-time traveller. Most people only have a set amount of holiday allowance per year and we tend to use up a big chunk of it on one main two-week trip abroad. 

What a lot of people forget however is that by using your weekends wisely and adding the odd bank holiday into the mix, you can actually have quite a few microadventures in one year. 

This point is clearly illustrated in the blog posts below, most of which consist of incredibly detailed three or four-day itineraries for a cast variety of locations in the UK. Whilst you should always keep an open mind for cultures beyond your own, you should never forget the beauty of your own country either. That’s my opinion anyway.



The perfect Christmas Weekend Getaway- 48 Hours in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is the ideal place for a city break – compact enough to explore by foot yet with multiple attractions worth exploring. I would actually suggest you visit Hamburg around November-December, to make the most of the citiy’s dreamy Christmas markets and get you into the festive mood. However Situated on the bustling river Elbe, Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe. However, the city is home to much more than merchant ships. Grand historic buildings, beautiful lakes and canals, a museum dedicated to chocolate and plenty of Christmas markets are just a few of the highlights a visitor can experience in this epic city. So if you are planning a brief weekend getaway to the German city in the North, be prepared for a busy itinerary. I actually lived in Hamburg’s rival neighboring town Bremen for a whole year, back in 2010. So it’s fair to say that I know Hamburg pretty well. Truth be told I have a bit of a soft spot for this part of the world. And this is why below I will be parting with my best tips, to help you make the most of your 48 hours in this beautiful city of the Hanseatic League.

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