On Horseback through the Dominican Republic - Los Haites National Park

I can’t deny it. I am becoming increasingly more excited about our trip to Japan and can’t wait to go. Only four weeks left now! We finally booked our Japan Railpass last night and splashed out on First Class travel. But whilst my anticipation for our holiday grows, a little anxiety and apprehension is creeping in simultaneously. This is the first international trip that I have planned and booked by myself. I can’t help but worry that not everything will go to plan.


I was spoilt rotten as a child and had the extreme pleasure of travelling to one or several different countries every year. My parents got divorced when I was young and we moved to France with my mum, leaving my dad behind in Germany. As a means of bonding with his children and because he is a travel fanatic himself, my dad whisked us away on an adventure abroad every summer holiday. These childhood vacations played a big part in forming the person I am today. Whilst the trips to Scotland with my mum and stepdad developed a keen sense for architecture and an interest in culture and history, the holidays with my dad opened my mind to the different cultures and scale of the globe. Not only did these trips make me the person I am, they are also some of the most cherished moments of my life so far.

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