10 inspiring Travel Vloggers You will Love in 2015

Best-Travel-Vlogs-of-2015Our Japan Trip is drawing ever so near. Only 3 days left until we leave! Unfortunately we left some of the planning uncomfortably late and have been rushing around the past two weeks trying to get everything sorted.I can’t really express just how excited I am about this Adventure. Words just don’t seem to be enough.
I am pleased to announce that I will video / vlog our whole journey – from our very early flight at 5am to the sad return after two weeks – and that the videos will soon be available on the Beautifully Travelled Youtube Channel. In fact I have been filming quite a few of our recent adventures, from countryside walks, to a visit of Stonehenge, the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Helagon. I am currently in the process of editing them (most of our 26 hour flight to Japan will be spent doing just that) and hope to upload them soon.
While you wait for my youtube channel to be up and running, you might want to check out some of my all time favourite travel vloggers. I have been binge watching these vlogs and can only aspire to make my videos as good and addictive as their’s.


Louis vlogs on a daily basis. His laidback friendly character and the rough and ready style of his videos have earned him over 1.5million followers. Although he is currently one of the most famous youtubers, he still remains very down to earth. Louis is a friendly chap, who make new friends every where he goes and his channel features quite a few recognisable faces. His videos are usually around 10 minutes long and Louis doesn’t bother with slick editing. This makes his vlogs more relatable and probably garnered him some of his fame.


The Vagabrothers are an amazing, fun and dynamic travel duo. And yes they really are brothers. In 2012 the two brothers combined and formed Vagabrothers, combining Mark’s travel writing and journalism experience with Alex’s filmmaking and photographic skills. Alex is outgoing, funny and sociable and makes friends with everyone. He is the risk taker of the duo. Mark is the thinker. He graduated with degrees in economics and political science. He explains the ins and outs of the cultures their visiting and enjoys looking for insights on global issues. The Vagabrothers videos are educative whilst remaing extremely Fun!


Kristen Sarah’s Travel Videos are carazy, fun , exiting and informative. She has a burning desire to explore foreign turth, test her limits and adopt cultural traditions. Her goal is to motivate, inspire and encourage others to incorporate travel into their life. Her videos are around ten minutes long and include vlogs, sleekly edited travel videos, packing guides, monthly travel favourites and food porn.


The Blonde Abroad is an award winning solo-female travel and lifestyle channel. Kiersten to mix things up on her channel and offers up vlogs, aswell as travel guides, travel tips and personal styling videos. Her travel videos tend to be short and to the point. Short snippets of the highlights, perfectly edited with a great choice and music and the occasional voiceover.


Booker has been vlogging for years. He is an expert at the genre and his videos are beautifully told stories. His voice perfectly matches the chilled out vibe of his videos. Booker has an open personality, is interested in people and their stories and has had the opportunity to meet up with and interview some really interesting personalities. Head to this channel if you are looking for a slower more reflective take on travel.


Team Supertramp somehow manage to publish some of the most outstanding, breathtakingly beautiful, high quality footage on a weekly basis. Their channel features travel videos as well as crazy adventures. The channels currents most populat video Assasin’s Creed meets Parkour has amassed almost 50 million views and their fan base counts 3.5 million subscribers.



Beautiful, Low Key Relaxed Travel Videos that are 3 to 5 minutes long. Recently this channel has kicked up a notch and features stunning shots of Ireland, Scandinavia and Iceland. These guys are new to the the vlogging scene and joined Youtube about a year ago. If you consider how little experience they actually have you can only be gobsmacked by the quality of their footage.

Expert Vagabond

For some seriously adrenalin fuelled adventure head other to an Expert Vagabond. This channel is fun, upbeat and fast paced, with frequent one to two minute long clips.


Last but most definitely not least is Mr Ben Brown, a british daily vlogger and adventurer. In a similar fashion to Fun for Louis, Ben vlogs on a daily basis and splits his time between London, Cape Town and a plethora of other destinations. The quality of each of his vlogs is impressive, expertly edited, with upbeat club beat music yet never overcomplicated.


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